Building Community Resiliency

Supported by the Katz Amsterdam Foundation

Welcome to the Building Community Resiliency Project, aimed at fostering a greater awareness of priority needs and working to address barriers and gaps in the current mental health and substance use support infrastructure in the community of Whistler.

Project Scope:

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation has been tasked with convening a group of key stakeholders in the corridor to help open the lines of communication between residents, local government, community health care providers, law enforcement, health care professionals and key agencies who will guide the project through informed, critical perspectives on issues related to mental health and substance use in Whistler (with an eye for services that span the corridor).


We are seeking evidence-based perspectives to build and imagine a better functioning community support system along the spectrum of prevention to treatment and identify sustainable initiatives to address community priorities.


Tier 1: The Building Community Resiliency Task Force – an active community collaborative group tasked with reviewing community data, identifying trends and priority needs, and designing a platform for community engagement.

Tier 2: Engagement – invite input from residents, professionals, employers, and stakeholders via an online platform designed to offer an opportunity to submit responses to open ended consultation questions around mental health and access to services.

Tier 3: Recommendations – identify practical initiatives to enhance services and outcomes for Whistler residents and residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor who utilize services in Whistler.

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation is excited to be facilitating this group and looks forward to being a part of mobilizing community efforts around this very important topic.

Where are we now:

We have been busy gathering community profile information and meeting with stakeholders to introduce the project and obtain buy-in from key members of the mental health community.  The support we have received is encouraging to say the least. This is a topic that resonates across various populations and demographics.

The WBF launched two surveys in August to gather perspectives from the Community and mental health support Providers. Information from the Community and Provider surveys will be synthesized to help guide important conversations around mental health in Whistler and opportunities to improve networks and support services.