FAQ - Red Chair & Creekside Gondola Sales


Please read through carefully.  There is important information below that will help make your purchase and delivery run smoothly.

Q: Where can I purchase a chair and/or gondola cabin? www.whistlerblackcombfoundation.com starting Friday, May 6th at 9AM.
Please note the chairs and gondolas sold out within minutes. We are so sorry if you missed out. Thank you everyone for your support!

Q: What does it cost to purchase a retired Red Chair?  $500/chair

Q: What does it cost to purchase a retired Creekside Gondola cabin?  $900/cabin

Q: What does that price include?

  • Prices include all taxes and loading assistance but do not include shipping/delivery
  • Chairs/gondolas do not come with the safety bar, grips, hanger, guide pin, or stand/base/footings
  • Gondolas come with the ski racks
  • Each chair/gondola is sold as is

Q: Can I request a specific chair or cabin number? Unfortunately, number selection is not available. Also: Unless otherwise requested or prearranged to receive a specially wrapped gondola, you will receive a standard WB green Creekside gondola. 

Q: Does my chair or gondola cabin need a stand? You can source and purchase a stand separately for your chair or cabin. Chairs and cabins both require a professionally built stand for safety & enjoyment. Note: Whistler Welding (whistlerweldingservices.com) and Sea to Sky Welding (seatoskywelding.com) may be able to help with stand fabrication. Please inquire directly.

Q: What are the dimensions and how much do they weigh?


Quad chair
Weight: 260 lbs 
Width: 92.12 inches
Depth: 31.5 inches
Height: 60.63 inches

GONDOLA SPECIFICATIONS (approximate exterior dimensions):
Weight: 620 lbs
Width: 77 inches at the widest part of the gondola which includes the ski rack (71.5" without the ski rack and door mechanism)
Width: 48 inches at the base
Depth: 70.5 inches at the deepest part of the gondola
Depth: 42 inches at the base
Height: 86 inches including the top mechanisms

Q: When are chairs & gondola cabins available for pick up or delivery?
  • Wednesday, May 25 between 3pm-7pm
  • Saturday, May 28 between 10am-2pm

Q: Where is the pickup location?  All chairs & gondola cabins will be available for pick up from Parking Lot 8 (top of Glacier Lane) during the dedicated pickup windows only.

Important Pick Up And Delivery Information

  • Please take note of the weight & dimensions when determining how you will transport your chair/gondola.
  • Tie downs to secure your chair or gondola will not be provided at pick up. Please bring your own as you will be required to secure your load before departing Lot 8.
  • Pickup dates and times apply to individuals AND delivery companies picking up on behalf of a buyer.
  • If hiring a delivery company, please ensure that they adhere to the dedicated pickup windows and will securely prepare the shipment for transit prior to leaving Lot 8.
  • If shipping internationally, you are also responsible for all customs arrangements and costs.

GONDOLA CABIN - notes for individual pickups:

  • Cabin loading requires the use of a crane or forklift. Whistler Blackcomb Staff will be on site to load your gondola in Lot 8. **For liability reasons, the public will not be permitted to load the gondola cabin themselves.
  • You are responsible for making arrangements to unload the gondola cabin at its destination.
  • You will be provided with small pieces of wood to temporarily steady your cabin for transport.

GONDOLA CABIN - delivery within the Sea to Sky:

  • Whistler Crane will be making a bulk delivery of gondolas to Squamish, Whistler, & Pemberton
  • Buyers have the option to select and pay for this service at the time of purchase and in this case, arrangements will be made for you by the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation.
  • You will be notified separately of the delivery date for your area. Someone must be home to receive the crane delivery.
  • This service includes DRIVEWAY (CURBSIDE) DROP-OFF ONLY. Crane placement to an alternate location on your property may be arranged with Whistler Crane Services directly, for a different day and at an additional cost.
  • Gondola Driveway (curbside) Whistler Crane Delivery within WHISTLER ONLY: $160 incl. GST
  • Gondola Driveway (curbside) Whistler Crane Delivery within SQUAMISH OR PEMBERTON ONLY: $210 incl. GST

Q: Who can I contact if I need to arrange shipping/delivery? You are welcome to select a delivery/shipping company of your choice. Here are a few options to get you started in your search:

Q: Where do the funds raised through these sales go?

  • The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, which is dedicated to providing financial support to organizations whose activities provide benefit to residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor
  • The Epic Promise Foundation, which supports Vail Resorts’ employees and their dependents in times of need through emergency financial assistance and educational grants.

Q: If I have other questions about the chairs or gondola cabins, who can I talk to?  Please direct your questions to Jaime Kerrigan, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, at jkerrigan@whistlerblackcombfoundation.com